Major Dance Shoe Brands

Extremely Cheap Shoes (less than $30)

These shoes are made of cheap materials, the bottoms will be worn away very quickly, and they probably won't fit your foot very well. If you are unsure if you want to continue dancing and you don't want to dance in socks, buy these shoes. It isn't worth spending money on more expensive shoes if you are unsure. However, if you plan to continue dancing, invest in more expensive, higher quality shoes - they will last much, much longer, and feel better.
We don't have any brands listed for this price range, because there are no reliable brands. They can be bought on Amazon, eBay, and other internet stores.

Inexpensive Shoes ($50-$100)

These shoes are a solid choice for beginners. They are an investment, but they will last a few years at least. They are practical, comfortable, and durable, and a beginning dancer will probably not be able to tell the difference between the feel of a pair of these and that of higher end shoes.

Mid-Range Shoes ($100-$150)

These shoes will work well for more serious dancers. They are designed more carefully, making sure to keep your feet looking and feeling their best during competition and practice. These shoes may also have extra padding in the shoe itself to be easier on your foot over time.

High-End Shoes ($150+)

These shoes are extremely well designed and extremely functional. Some of the most popular competitive dance shoe brands reside at this level. Even the highest level professional dancers wear these shoes.