International Waltz Syllabus



Prep Step The Prep Step is not a figure of any Syllabus level per se, but a method of commencing the dance


RF Closed Change RF Closed Change turned to face LOD
LF Closed Change Whisk turned to L at a corner
Natural Turn  
Reverse Turn
Natural Spin Turn
Chasse from Promenade Position


Closed Impetus Whisk turned to L at side of room
Hesitation Change Outside Change ended in PP
Outside Change Back Whisk turned to R
Reverse Corte Basic Weave with step 1 fwd OP
Back Whisk Basic Weave ended in PP
Basic Weave  
Double Reverse Spin  
Reverse Pivot  
Back Lock  
Progressive Chasse to Right  


Weave from Promenade Position Weave from PP ended in PP
Closed Telemark Outside Spin omitting the Pivot
Open Telemark Turning Lock to L ended in PP
Open Impetus  
Cross Hesitation
Outside Spin
Turning Lock to L
Drag Hesitation


Left Whisk Left Whisk on beat 1
Contra Check Left Whisk ended to the side
Closed Wing Fallaway Reverse & Slip Pivot without turn at a corner
Turning Lock to Right Hover Corte with alternate timing
Fallaway Reverse & Slip Pivot  
Hover Corte