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Cha Cha/Rumba Checked Forward Walk

Use this type of Forward Walk to end a forward progression, followed by weight transference backward. It is a requirement on figures such as step 1 of a Man's Basic.

1-2 Dance 1-2 of a Forward Walk 4 1 & a
3 Continue to settle the R shoulder weight, hip rotation to R and rib cage to move to L side, LF forward with toe in light contact with the floor and knee flexed, then (after the foot has passed under the body) to the ball of foot. There will be a gradual increase of pressure of contact on the floor until the heel lowers and the knee straightens just before the extend of the stride, creating a position of split weight; both knees straight with LF turned out 1/8 to L. 2
4 Commence to rotate hips to L, gaining a position of centre to allow all the muscular blocks of the body to be in a vertical line of balance as body weight continues to move slightly forward to Check; weight almost over the straight L leg. R knee closes into the side of the L knee to support this split weight position. Due to the extra turn out of the LF, the RF will turn in from the previous turned out position by 1/16 turn to L, to end pointing down the track of movement. &
5 Commence to settle the L shoulder weight, allowing the hips to commence to rotate to the L and lower rib cage to move to R, creating a very slight movement of head and body forward, before the weight commences to move backward. a
6 Commence to rotate hips to R, rib cage to L side, transfer split weight back to RF on ball of foot, straightening R knee; RF turned out by 1/16 to R. The tone is retained in the extended L leg, the foot turned out by approximately 1/16 to L, maintaining slight pressure on the outside edge of toe. 3
7 Continue slight rotation of hips to R, transfer full weight backward to RF, lowering heel, gaining a position of centre to allow all of the muscular blocks of the body to be in a vertical line of balance. &