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Cha Cha/Rumba Extended Forward Walk

This type of Forward Walk creates a delay in the rhythm and may provide an emotional change of shape in a figure such as the Lady's Spiral, or Alemana. The description given below is for a RF Extended Forward Walk, as in the Spiral.

1 Commence from step 2 of a Spiral with weight on LF 3&
2 Slightly settle L shoulder weight, which will commence the quick turn to L on LF, slightly flexing L knee and extending RF fwd and slightly across without weight, due to the commencement of the Man's lead for the following Spiral Action. R knee straight and foot turned out approximately 1/16 to R, with slight pressure on the outside edge of toe. LF turned out approximately 1/16 to L a
3 Continue by trasferring split weight and then full weight forward to RF, maintaining straight knee and straightening L knee into a Spiral Action. 4&a1&a
rumba walk extended forward straight leg yulia