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The Appel (PreBronze)

This is an action frequently used as the first step of a figure to indicate a change of movement and it depicts the Matador's call to the bull. It is a step in place with a strong lowering action. Although the foot is released from the floor, it should not be lifted up to achieve this action and when placed it must stay firmly on the floor for the remainder of the beat. Foot work is WF (whole foot)

When a Promenade figure is commenced in Contact Position, the Appel is danced as a 'Slip Appel,' Man and Lady moving the foot slightly back. This will result in a widening of the bold. Footwork is BF (ball flat)

Bronze When a turn to the left is required on a Slip Appel, the man will move his foot slightly back (Lady slightly forward) using a strong body turn to the left. This will cause the step to be taken in a different alignment. For example, when commencing from a "facing diagonal centre" alignment, the Appel will back wall
Up to 1/2 turn to the left may be made to achieve desired alignment for the following figure. If turning more than 1/8, the turn is continued on the ball of the RF (Lady LF) with foot flat