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Cha Cha/Rumba Extended Backward Walk

The Lady usually dances this type of Walk when commenced with feet together in a Sit Line, or other Stationary Position such as the commencement of the routine.

1 Commence with all of the muscular blocks of the body in a centred vertical line of balance, with feet together, weight on RF, thigh and toe turned out approximately 1/16 of a turn from the track of movement. 3&
2 Commence to settle R shoulder weight to allow R hip to rotate to R and lower rib cage to move to L, creating a very slight movement of the head and body forward, releasing the pressure from the LF to allow the L knee to flex forward. a
3 Maintaining the body weight forward, commence to rotate the hips to L and quickly extend the LF back, strongly, with the toe in light contact with the floor to end with weight on inside edge of toe with the foot turned out as full as the dancer's physique allows. 4&a
4 Quickly transfer body weight back to LF through toe to heel with foot turned out 1/16 from the track of movement and all of the muscular blocks of the body in a centred vertical line of balance. R leg remains extended forward with foot turned out approximately 1/16 of a turn, maintaining a slight pressure on the outside edge of the toe. 1&
rumba walk extended forward straight leg yulia


1 On action 2, the settling of the shoulder weight, which allows the slight movement forward of the head and body, creates the body language of the Lady inviting the Man to close toward her.
2 Without the commencement of weight change backward on step 3, the hip rotation will cause the L hip to end higher than the R hip, creating a very positive and strong bodyline.