Open International Latin Figures

Advanced Cha Cha

Backward Swivel Basic
Backward Swivel Basic - Hip Twist Actions to Tandem Sit Line
Runaway Zigzag
Box Zigzags
Running Lock with Lady's Running Zigzag - Check to Three Step Turn
Checked Alemana to Tandem Sit Line
Check from Open CPP (New York) with Change of Shape (1)
Check from Open CPP (New York) with Change of Shape (2)
Hip Throw Turns
Doubled Cuban Break Actions from Open CPP (1)
Doubled Cuban Break Actions from Open CPP (2)
Linear Turns to Syncopated Open Hip Twist
Telespin to Spiral Ending
Syncopated Telespin - Hesitation - Foot Taps
Lunge Check from Open CPP (New York) - Three Step Turn
Check in Open CPP - Three Step Turn - Mark Time - Check from Open CPP
Cuban Break in Solo RSP - Relaxed Spot Turn - Hesitation Ball Change to Tandem Sit Line
Three Step Turn - Cuban Break Action - Shunt - Three Step Turn
Solo RSP - Ronde Action - Runaway - Progressive Step Taps - Foot Flick
Foot Change to RSP - Passing Zigzag

Advanced Samba

Bota Fogo Action with Batucada Rhythm
Developed Promenade and Counter Promenade Runs
Travelling Volta with Split Rhythm Action
Fallaway Runs
Carioca Runs (Lambada Action)
Shadow Rocks
Delayed Reverse Shadow Volta Roll
Running Zigzag from Solo Right Side Position
Advanced Maxixe
Developed Corta Jaca Action
Developed Whisks to Natural Pivots
Running Lock with Lady's Running Zigzags from Open Position
Continuous Quick Zigzags
Continuous Volta Shadow Roll
Checked Reverse Roll - Ronde to Split Rhythm
Passing Turns
High Back Check - Three Step Turn - Whisk
"Box" Movements
Lunge Checks in tandem Position

Advanced Rumba

Backward Swivel Basic
Syncopated Backward Swivel Basic to Delayed Walk
Overturned Slow Curl to Runaway - Check to Sit Line
Checked Turns - Spin action
Syncopated Alemana - High Ronde to Right - Circular Walks
Checked Alemana to Syncopated Three Step Turn
Lunge Check from Open CPP (New York)
Syncopated Lunge Check from Open CPP (New York) - Syncopated Three Step Turn
Telespin - Syncopated Spiral Turn
Developed Open Hip Twist
Continuous Standing Hip Twists to Attitude and Developpe
Overturned Curl - Continuous Swivels - Three Step turn to Support Line
Continuous Spins to Left - Same Foot Spot Turn to Tandem Sit Line
Sliding Doors Development
Three Threes Development to Swivels
Continuous Alemana Turns
Circular Hip Twists, turning to Right
Natural Top to Syncopated Underarm Turn - Quick Opening Out to Right
Standing Spin - Developed Opening Out to Right and Left
Developed Curl - Three Alemanas Action to Check - Continuous Spin

Advanced Paso Doble

Slip Appel - Reverse Swivel - Basic - Check - Chasse Cape Action
Huit (Bota Fogo) Actions - Contra Walks & Volta Actions - Double Appel - Zigzag - Forward Lunge
Syncopated Points - Zigzag - Continuous Stalking Zigzags - Check
Syncopated Appel to Challenge Shape - Natural Spins
Appel to Solo Circular Walks - Syncopated Appel - Twists Action
Continuous Locks - Check - Contra Low Spanish Line
Open Telemark - Promenade and Counter Promenade Runs
Syncopated Chasses - Pivot - Checked Reverse Turn - Natural Spin
Natural Spin - Aerial Ronde to Pass behind Back - Chasse to Right
Syncopated Appel - Developpe - Outside Turn - Chasse Cape Action - Developpe to RSP
Chasse Cape Action in Solo LSP - Spanish Twist - Check to Banderillas Shape
Stalking Walks - Twists Action to Low Spanish Lines - Circular Walks - Huit (Bota Fogo) Action
Grand Circle Action - Zigzag to Swivel - Run in PP - Check in PP - Fallaway to Slip Pivot
Appel to PP - Quick Lock in PP - Forward Lunge in PP
Twists Action opening to PP to end in Closed RSP
Tandem Spins - Forward Locks & Spins - Huit (Bota Fogo) Actions - Volta Action - Challenge Lines
Continuous Spins in Slow and Quick Rhythm to Shadow Hold
Developed Flamenco Rhythm to Standing Spin
Syncopated Appel - Check to Telespin - Zigzag
Syncopated Appel to Outside Turn - Developpe - Promenade Walks - Spiral Action to Open PP

Advanced Jive

Turning Double Ball Change Rhythms - 3 Step Turn
Turning Double Ball Change Rhythms with Simple Spin - 3 Step Turn
Solo Flicks and Zigzags with Hop Actions - Shunt - Foot Change
Hand to Hand Checked Turns
Rotary Hand to Hand Checked Turns
Rotary American Spin
Overturned Lunge Throwaway
Sugar Push Variation
Travelling American Spin Action to Foot Change - Flicks in RSP - Bota Fogo to Foot Change
Travelling Flick Ball Changes in PP - Turning Chasses - Natural Spin - Throwaway Action
Flicks in Open Position with Double and Single Rhythm - Close, Tap, Kick, Botafogo
Chicken Walks - Reverse Throwaway Action
Double Hold Underarm Turns - Catapult Ending
Step, Taps - Leg Curls - Kick - Backward Botafogos - Foot Change to Open Position
Single Beat Shoulder Spin
Chugging, Turning to Right
Type of Rolling off Arm - Foot Change to Solo Left Side Position
RSP Solo Chicken Walks - Backward Shunts - Botafogo - Spot Turn - Foot Change to Walks
Miami Special Entry - Circular Flick Ball Changes - Three Step Turn to Right