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Cha Cha/Rumba Forward Walk Turning

1 Use the technique of a RF Forward Walk, except the R leg will move forward i. Achieve full weight as described for the Forward Walk, and body in a vertical line of balance. a 3 &
2 Slightly settle R shoulder weight, which will allow the head and body weight to move very slightly forward. Then quickly turn 3/8 to L of the centre line of the body on RF, with LF remaining in place with knee straight and slight pressure on the outside edge of the L toe to end as described for a Backward Walk. Both feet are turned out by 1/16, with knees straight. The Body remains in the vertical line of balance. Then, continue to settle R shoulder weight, hip rotation to R and lower rib cage to move to L. This releases the pressure from the LF and allows the LF to commence to move backward or to another required direction. a


1 The following step, when danced by the Lady, may be taken in many different ways. This depends on the chosen choreography and is felt through the Man's action and lead. Usually, the following step is backward, but there could be transference of weight forward, continuing to turn to L into a side step, or any other chosen movement.
2 The slight settling of the R shoulder weight just prior to the actual turn allows the turn to be as late as possible, therefore generating the speed of movement expected at a high level of dancing.
3 It is important for good balance that the settling of the R shoulder weight is only slight enough to commence the body weight moving slightly forward before dancing the turn, and not the usual settling, which would release the hips into rotation. The slight settling allows all the muscular blocks to be in a vertical line of balance during the turn. The continuation of the settling and therefore the commencement of hip rotation will occur immediately on the completion of the turn to release the LF into the chosen foot position.
4 If the figure requires more turn, this is achieved during the following step.