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Cha Cha/Rumba Pressed Backward Walk

The Man will dance a Pressed Backward Walk, for example, with the RF in a Natural Top. It is also possible to react to the Lady's Pressed Forward Walk outside Partner.

1 Commence with weight on LF as a side step or any other foot position with weight centred 4 1 &
2 Slightly settle L shoulder weight to allow hips and upper body to turn to R a
3 Place RF back and across behind LF (Latin Cross) on ball of foot, with only minimal weight. R knee is placed against the back of the inside of the L knee, LF will remain in place on whole foot. There will be a turn out of 1/4 between the feet 2 &
4 Slightly settle R shoulder weight to allow hips and upper body to continue to turn to R a
5 LF to side with split weight, lowering R heel to the floor as late as possible so the R heel does not carry weight 3
6 Continue to take full weight to LF &


Because of the strong rotation and action, there will be no (or minimal) hip rotation from the centre line of the body.