The Tango Position and Hold

To understand the commencing position, stand with feet together facing wall, then keeping feet flat turn 1/8 to L, at the same time slip RF 5-8 cms (2-3 inches) back so that the toe of the RF is approximately level with the instep of the LF
The hold is similar to the hold in the moving dances, but is more compact:

1 The Man holds the Lady slightly more on his R side - although care must be taken not to exaggerate this position.
2 The Man's R hand will be placed slightly further across the Lady's back - the tips of his fingers reaching slightly beyond the Lady's spine, the line of the forearm sloping slightly downward
3 The Lady's L hand will be placed on the Man's back just under the Man's R armpit and her R hand will be placed in Man's L hand
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