Beginner Cha Cha

This routine is designed to be used for competition by dancers who have been learning to dance for less than a year, and are just being introduced to the most basic figures. Although the routines may seem simple, perhaps even to the point of being uninteresting, remember that a perfectly pronounced sentence in a foreign language is more impressive than a poorly spoken speech. It is the quality of the little things that matter, and if dancers perform these figures correctly with good posture and a smile, they are more likely to do well than if they were to attempt more difficult figures and complex routines.

In addition to posture, smiling, and looking at each other, dancers should make an effort to keep the feet turned out (especially the back foot during the New York).

Figure Timing
Closed Basic 2.3.4&1 2.3.4&1
Shoulder to Shoulder 2.3.4&1 2.3.4&1
New York to LSP 2.3.4&1
New York to RSP 2.3.4&1
New York to LSP 2.3.4&1
Underarm Turn to R 2.3.4&1

A Spot Turn to the Left may be substituted for the Underarm Turn to R, however, if either partner has trouble with balance, the Underarm Turn may prove more practical.