Bronze Tango

This Bronze routine is much more complex than the Beginner Tango Routine, and is intended for dancers who are comfortable enough with their own dancing that they can begin to dance more complex combinations. The Natural Promenade Turn into the Rock Turn in particular shows rotation better than any other combination in Tango, reminiscent of a Natural Spin Turn in Waltz, it closely approaches Natural Pivots found in advanced routines. The Open Reverse Turn is used twice, as it is extremely strong for showing progression down the floor.

N.B. The Commencing Alignments given are those of the Man. From this alignment and the figure itself, the Lady's alignment can be inferred.

Figure Commencing Alignment Rhythm Timing
Progressive Link Facing DW QQ 1.2
Natural Promenade Turn Facing DW SQQS
Rock Turn ending Backing Centre QQSQQS
LF Walk Facing DW S 12
RF Walk Facing LOD S 34
LF Walk Facing LOD S 56
RF Walk Facing DC S 78
Open Reverse Turn Facing DC QQSQQS
Progressive Link Facing DW QQ 1.2
Natural Twist Turn, underturned Facing DW SQQSQQ
Closed Promenade, moving DC Facing LOD SQQS
Open Reverse Turn Facing DC QQSQQS

At a corner:

Man steps strongly forward on any Progressive Link, ending facing DW of new LOD
2 Turn less during between the Natural Promenade Turn and the Rock Turn, taking step 2 of the Rock Turn backing the new Center
3 Under turn the Natural Twist Turn by 1/4 to end facing DW against the new LOD
4 End the Back Corte facing DW of the new LOD

Even though the Closed Promenade ends Facing LOD, turn 1/8 to L before the Open Reverse Turn to take step 1 DC