Beginner Waltz

This routine is designed to be used for competition by dancers who have been learning to dance for less than a year, and are just being introduced to the most basic figures. Although the routines may seem simple, perhaps even to the point of being uninteresting, remember that a perfectly pronounced sentence in a foreign language is more impressive than a poorly spoken speech. It is the quality of the little things that matter, and if dancers perform these figures correctly with good posture and a smile, they are more likely to do well than if they were to attempt more difficult figures and complex routines.

In addition to posture, smiling, and looking to the left, dancers should make an effort to lower before beat 1, and not on beat 1.

N.B. The Commencing Alignments given are those of the Man. From this alignment and the figure itself, the Lady's alignment can be inferred.

Figure Commencing Alignment Timing
Prep Step Facing DW 123  123
Natural Turn Facing DW 123  123
RF Closed Change Facing DC 123
Reverse Turn Facing DC 123  123
LF Closed Change Facing DW 123
Repeat from Natural Turn    

At a corner:

After dancing a Natural Turn at a corner, and ending facing DC as usual, treat your alignment as DW of the new LOD. Dance another Natural Turn, commencing facing DW of the new LOD, and then continue the routine.
2 Steps 1-3 of the Natural Turn may turn only 1/8 to end backing the new LOD.