Silver Samba

Silver allows dancers to show a whole new side of Samba that is almost completely absent in Bronze, which is the varying of body rhythms. Whereas in Bronze dancers are restricted almost entirely to figures that bounce, in Silver dancers are able to sprinkle in figures with different actions, such as the rhythmical pulsing of the Back Rocks or the beautiful smooth leg action of the Plait. Breaking up figures that bounce with figures that are smoother, and varying the rhythms from SaS to SQQ and QQS helps to keep the dance dynamic, interesting, and fun for both the spectators and the dancers.

Figure Commencing Alignment Timing
Rhythm Bounce in RSP Facing LOD 1234
Rolling off the Arm Facing LOD 5a6 (Lady: 5&6&)
Foot Change 8 Facing LOD 7a8
Travelling Bota Fogo Forward in Shadow Position Facing DC 1a2.3a4
Shadow Travelling Voltas Facing Wall 5a6a7a8
Shadow Circular Voltas Facing Wall a1a2a3a4
Travelling Bota Fogo Forward in Shadow Position Facing DW 5a6
Foot Change 2 Facing DC 7a8
Corta Jaca turning 3/4 to R Facing Wall 1.2&3&4&5.6&7&8&
Open Rock Facing LOD 1.2&3.4&5.6&
1-3 Reverse Turn Facing LOD 7a8
Back Rock Backing LOD 1.2&3.4&
Plait Backing DC 5.6.7&8
Maypole Turning to L Facing against LOD 1a2a3a4a5a6
Stationary Samba Walk ended in Open PP Facing Wall 7a8
Criss Cross Bota Fogos Facing DW 1a2.3a4.5a6.7a8
Stationary Samba Walk (Lady Spot Volta Underarm) ended in RSP Facing DW 1a2
Samba Walk in RSP Facing LOD 3a4
Repeat from Rolling off the Arm    

At a corner:

The Shadow Circular Voltas may make 1/4 less turn to round a corner
2 The Corta Jaca may make 1/4 less turn to round a corner
3 The Plait may be curved around a corner
4 The Maypole may make 3/4 less turn to end facing New Wall at a corner