Bronze Quickstep

This Bronze routine is much more complex than the Beginner Quickstep Routine, and is intended for dancers who are comfortable enough with their own dancing that they can begin to dance more complex combinations. There is the strong rotation of the Natural Spin Turn, which is accentuated upon repetition of the routine from the momentum of the Running Finish, and also the more sophisticated design of the routine on the floor, taking the couple toward the centre of the floor and then back toward the edges.

N.B. The Commencing Alignments given are those of the Man. From this alignment and the figure itself, the Lady's alignment can be inferred.

Figure Commencing Alignment Rhythm Timing
Prep Step Facing DW S(SSS)
Natural Spin Turn Facing DW SQQSSS
Progressive Chasse Backing DC SQQS
Natural Turn with Hesitation Facing DW SQQSSS
Progressive Chasse to R Facing DC SQQS
Back Lock Backing DW SQQS
Running Finish Backing DW SQQ / QQS 78.1.2
Repeat from Natural Turn      

The timing of the following Natural Spin Turn will be and so on.

At a corner:

The Natural Spin Turn may be under turned to end backing DC of the new LOD.
2 The Natural Turn with Hesitation may be underturned to end facing DC of the new LOD.
3 The Running Finish may be underturned to end facing DW of the new LOD. The following Natural Pivot Turn would commence facing DW, instead of LOD.

If you are dancing the Progressive Chasse and find you are too close to a corner to continue your routine, omit the Back Lock and continue straight into the Running Finish, using that to turn the corner. Note that when repeating this routine, step 1 of the Natural Spin Turn commences is taken in CBMP, Outside Partner, and will be commenced facing LOD unless having turned a corner with the Running Finish.