Bronze Foxtrot

This Bronze routine is much more complex than the Beginner Foxtrot Routine, and is intended for dancers who are comfortable enough with their own dancing that they can begin to dance more complex combinations. This routine is the Gold Standard of Foxtrot, and while it is easy to learn, it is hard to master. Even world class professional couples dance large portions of this routine as it is written below to show off how good their basic actions are.

N.B. The Commencing Alignments given are those of the Man. From this alignment and the figure itself, the Lady's alignment can be inferred.

Figure Commencing Alignment Rhythm Timing
Prep Step Facing LOD S(S)SS 1234.56.78
Feather Step Facing DC SQQ 12.3.4
Reverse Turn & Feather Finish Facing DC SQQSQQ
1-4 Reverse Turn, ended backing W Facing DW SQQS
Basic Weave Facing Centre QQQQQQ
Three Step Facing DW SQQ 12.3.4
Natural Turn Facing DW SQQSSSS
Repeat from Feather Step      

At a corner:

Steps 5-6 of the Natural Turn may be under turned to face DC of the New LOD
2 1-4 of Reverse Turn may be turned as normal to end backing LOD at a corner, increasing left turn on the following Basic Weave to end facing DW of the new LOD