Bronze Waltz

This Bronze routine is much more complex than the Beginner Waltz Routine, and is intended for dancers who are comfortable enough with their own dancing that they can begin to dance more complex combinations. The Natural Spin Turn is one of the most competitive figures in all of Waltz, using its strong rotation to catch the eye. It is contrasted by the Progressive Chasse to the Right, which catches the eye instead with strong movement. Finally, Promenade Position is introduced by both the Whisk and the Outside Change, each of which is followed by a Chasse from Promenade Position, which also serves to showcase strong movement.

N.B. The Commencing Alignments given are those of the Man. From this alignment and the figure itself, the Lady's alignment can be inferred.

Figure Commencing Alignment Timing
Prep Step Facing DW 123  123
Natural Spin Turn Facing DW 123  123
4-6 Reverse Turn Backing DC 123
Whisk Facing DW 123
Chasse from PP Facing DW 1 2 & 3
Hesitation Change Facing DW 123 123
Progressive Chasse to R Facing DC 12&3
Outside Change, ended in PP Backing DW 123
Chasse from PP Facing DW 12&3
Repeat from Natural Spin Turn    

At a corner:

The Natural Spin Turn may be under turned to end backing DC of the new LOD.
2 The Whisk may be turned 1/4 to the L to end facing DW of the new LOD.