Silver Waltz


This routine continues to use the Natural Spin Turn for its powerfully rotational beginning, and the Weave from PP to progress strongly down the floor. Added in are figures that rotate strongly to the Left, i.e. the Double Reverse Spin and Telemark. This routine is designed to be short in order that it may be repeated, for it is better to dance a few highly competitive figures multiple times than to dilute it with less impactful figures.

Figure Commencing Alignment Timing
Prep Step Facing DW 123 123
Natural Spin Turn Facing DW 123 123
4-6 Reverse Turn Backing DC 123
Double Reverse Spin Facing LOD 12&3
Open Telemark Facing LOD 123
Chasse from PP Facing Wall 123
1-3 Natural Turn Facing DW 123
Open Impetus Backing LOD 123
Weave from PP Pointing DC 123 123

At a corner:

The Natural Spin Turn may be under turned to end backing DC of the new LOD
2 The Open Impetus may be under turned to end facing the new LOD