Bronze Cha Cha

This Bronze routine is much more complex than the Beginner Cha Cha Routine, and is intended for dancers who are comfortable enough with their own dancing that they can begin to dance more complex combinations. This routine combines the New York, Hand to Hand, and Spot Turn in an unpredictable way. It also introduces Fan Position, which is absolutely integral to Cha Cha, as well as beautiful and potentially disorienting rotation in the form of the Natural Top. Finally, it contains the Three Cha Cha Chas both Back and Forward, the strong movement of which draws the eye.

Figure Timing
RF Forward Lock (Lady LF Back Lock) 4&1
1-2 Open Basic 2.3
Three Cha Cha Chas Back, Man's last step to side 4&1 2&3 4&1
Natural Top 2.3.4&1 2.3.4&1 2.3.4&1
Closed Hip Twist 2.3.4&1 2.3.4&1
Alemana, ended to side 2.3.4&1 2.3.4&1
New York to LSP 2.3.4&1
Spot Turn to Left 2.3.4&1
New York to LSP 2.3.4&1
Hand to Hand to LSP 2.3.4&1
Fan 2.3.4&1 2.3.4&1
Hockey Stick 2.3.4&1 2.3.4&1
4-9 Three Cha Cha Chas Forward 2&3.4&1
Repeat from 1-2 Open Basic  

This routine starts with a RF Forward Lock (Lady LF Back Lock), which is the most common way to begin in Cha Cha. Another good place to start this routine is from the first New York to LSP.