Gold Waltz

This routine is designed to cover half the floor, commencing and ending at the corner at the end of the short side. The routine will fit a regular sized competition floor when danced by the typical Gold-level dancer, but if the routine is too long or short, adjustments may have to be made.

The first figure starts out very classically, with strong movement into strong rotation. After that, smooth progression is shown through travelling figures like the Weave, Progressive Chasse, and Back Lock. Just as a Natural Spin Turn is used to round the first corner, an Outside Spin is used to round the second one. The Turning Lock, Open Impetus, and Wing are all used to show depth to movement, zig zagging toward the centre and edge of the floor to keep the routine interesting. Strong left rotation is used with a Double Reverse followed by an Open Telemark, which brings the dancers back to the beginning.

Commence at the end of the short side, facing DW into the corner

Figure Commencing Alignment Timing
Natural Spin Turn Facing DW 123 223
Turning Lock to R Backing DW of new LOD 3&23
Weave from PP, ended in PP Facing LOD 423 523
Wing Facing DW 623
Progressive Chasse to Right Facing LOD 72&3
Back Lock Backing Wall 82&3
Outside Spin, underturned Backing Wall 123
Turning Lock Backing DC of new LOD 2&23
Hesitation Change Facing DW 323 423
Fallaway Reverse Turn Facing DW 5&23
Double Reverse Spin Facing DC 623
Contra Check Facing DC 723
Chasse from PP Facing DW 82&3

1) The Turning Lock to R is not the same as the Turning Lock
2) The Outside Spin is underturned by omitting the pivot on step 3